[Neutron] Request: Nominations for Focus Topic "Magnetic entanglement and complex magnetic materials" at the 2016 American Crystallographic Association Meeting in Denver (CO).

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Dear Colleague,

We are writing to request your nominations for invited speakers for the Focus Topic “Magnetic entanglement and complex magnetic materials” at 2016 American Crystallographic Association Meeting in Denver (CO)<http://www.amercrystalassn.org/content/pages/main-annual-meetings> to be held  July 22-26 2016 (see session description below).

Please fill out the Invited Speaker Nomination Form below and return it us<mailto:allobet at lanl.gov;%20branton at byu.edu?subject=ACA-2016%20nomination> as a plain-text email.  We ask that you respond by 09 October 2015, as it may not be possible to consider nominations received after this date.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Anna Llobet (allobet at lanl.gov<mailto:allobet at lanl.gov>) Neutron Science and Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Branton Campbell (branton at byu.edu<mailto:branton at byu.edu>) Dept. of Physics & Astronomy Brigham Young University

Session Title: “Magnetic entanglement and complex magnetic materials”

Session Description: New research is beginning to clarify the respective roles of entangled magnetic, orbital, and charge orders in the nematic, pseudo-gap, superconducting, and other exotic phases of complex oxides and pnictides.  Evidence of the coupling of magnetic order to structural or electronic parameters at surfaces, domain walls, and other interfaces now provides exciting opportunities to manipulate and even engineer the properties of multi-functional materials.  This session will focus on the use of x-ray & neutron scattering and other methods to characterize the subtle magnetic correlations relevant to such problems, including those of topological orders and defects.

Invited Speaker Nomination Form

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