[Neutron] Registration for Second Target Station (STS) Workshop is now open

Holder, Talia M. holdertm at ornl.gov
Thu Sep 24 19:40:01 CEST 2015

Registration for the Second Target Station (STS) Workshop<https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/STS2015/> (October 27-29, 2015) is now open.  There is no fee to participate in the workshop but participants must register to gain access to ORNL.  Registration can be made on the STS Workshop website: https://public.ornl.gov/conferences/neutrons/STS2015/

The STS at the ORNL Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) will provide the neutron user community with transformative capabilities, utilizing recent dramatic advances in neutron instrumentation and technologies.  The workshop will be used to update the user community on the planning for the STS, to engage the users in the process of moving the STS forward, and to seek the community's input on all aspects of the project.

The workshop will focus on:

*         Discussion and development of the scientific case for the STS.

*         Formation of steering committees organized by instrument class to represent their respective science communities.

*         Discussion and prioritization of the proposed instrument concepts and a decision of an initial suite of roughly eight to ten instruments.

*         Identification of the necessary performance parameters for the initial suite of instruments and how to achieve these "must reach" specifications.

Further information concerning the STS can be found on the website.  In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the instrument vignettes (listed under "STS Related Documents") that propose concepts across a wide range of techniques.  If you would like to add an instrument concept please follow the instructions on the website.  Your submission will be posted on the website and made available to workshop participants along with those already listed.  The deadline for submissions is 10/19.

Morten Eskildsen (eskildsen at nd.edu<mailto:eskildsen at nd.edu>)  University of Notre Dame
Boris Khaykovich (bkh at mit.edu<mailto:bkh at mit.edu>)                              Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Talia Holder

Instrument and Source Division
Neutron Sciences Directorate
Bldg. 8600 Room B-365 MS: 6476
Office: (865)241-7667
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