[Neutron] Two PhD Positions in Spintronic Materials at GTIIT, China / Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

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Two PhD Positions in Spintronic Materials at GTIIT, China / Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) is a state-of-the-art research university (http://www.gtiit.edu.cn/en/index.aspx) recently established by the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel), Shantou University, the Li Ka-shing foundation and the government in Shantou, China. We feature a brand-new campus located in walking distance to Shantou University. Shantou has an international airport and is connected to the Chinese high-speed rail system. Shantou's weather is generally pleasant with abundant sunshine - warm dry winters and hot humid summers. The local air quality is good/excellent as Shantou is located at the coast of the South China Sea (300 km north/east of Hong Kong).

GTIIT has open positions available in many research areas. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and competent scientists to conduct research projects with us.

Graduate students:
The research will be carried out mostly at the GTIIT campus in Shantou, China.  The graduate students for both master and PhD degrees will be part of the Technion Graduate School. They will have to attend graduate classes and research facilities at the Technion campus in Haifa, one semester for a master and two for a PhD degree. The degrees will be awarded by Technion, Israel.

Technion Graduate School:
Technion is one of the highest ranked universities in science and technology and applied research in the world. We provide you with a unique opportunity to earn your PhD degree in a supportive and stimulating multidisciplinary environment, and join the vibrant community of culturally diverse scientists from around the world engaged in groundbreaking scientific work at cutting-edge facilities.

See here for more details:

- Scholarship: up to US$24,000 / year
- Subsidized housing at GTIIT, China and Technion, Israel campus
- Health insurance: regular cover for Chinese citizens or private health insurance for foreigners
- Professional conference travel allowance

Open Positions

Two PhD Positions in Spintronic Materials at GTIIT, China/ Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

We have two PhD positions available in the area of magnetic nanostructures.  The Material and Science Engineering (MSE) Program (group of Prof Frank Klose) is looking for 2 PhDs to conduct experimental research projects in spintronic materials related to future data storage and processing electronics. Contract duration: 3 + 1 years.

PhD Project Details:
Modern facilities for the growth of thin film samples using ultrahigh-vacuum sputtering and atomic layer deposition as well as state-of-the-art laboratory thin film characterization tools (X-ray diffraction, X-ray reflectometry, SQUID magnetometry) will be available. Our group extensively uses leading international Quantum Beam facilities (neutron/synchrotron science facilities and ion beam accelerators) as major research tools to develop materials for next-generation spin based electronic devices. Our specialty technique is polarized neutron reflectometry. We work in a collaborative international environment.

Spintronic materials, energy efficient processing and storage of electronic data, magnetic nanostructures, multiferroics, magnetic oxide films, stress/defect engineering of novel physical properties, electronic/structural instabilities or phase transitions in magnetic thin films, polarized neutron/X-ray reflectometry.

Selection Criteria:
- Master degree (or equivalent) in Physics or Material Science (essential)
- Strong background in condensed matter physics (preferable)
- Strong interest in thin film deposition and/or structural/magnetic characterization (essential)
- Strong interest in polarized neutron reflectometry or polarized synchrotron spectroscopy (essential)
- Strong interest to work temporarily at large-scale research facilities in China, Europe, United States, Japan and/or Australia (essential)
- Good communication skills, good command of English (essential)
- Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment (essential)
- Ability to author scientific reports and co-author scientific publications (essential)
- The PhD candidate must fulfill the requirements for admission to the Technion Graduate School and needs to comply with its regulations leading to the PhD degree: http://www.graduate.technion.ac.il/Eng/Prospective_students/Prospective_students_main_page.asp

- Application deadline: 1 March 2018
- Submit your curriculum vitae and make short statements how your application matches the above given selection criteria
- Send all documents electronically to: Frank.Klose at gtiit.edu.cn
- Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by GTIIT for interview arrangements
- Shortlisted candidates should arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent to: Frank.Klose at gtiit.edu.cn

Prof Frank Klose
Phone: +86 (754) 88077101
Email: Frank.Klose at gtiit.edu.cn

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