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Experiment Safety Engineer / NB50666827

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The Neutron Sciences Directorate (NScD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) operates the High Flux Isotope Reactor
(HFIR), the United States' highest flux reactor based neutron source.. The HFIR supplies neutrons to15 instruments for
neutron scattering research, each year carrying out experiments in the physical, chemical, materials, biological and medical
sciences. HFIR also provides unique facilities for isotope production and neutron irradiations supporting materials science
and nuclear forensics. To learn more about Neutron Sciences at ORNL go to: http://neutrons.ornl.gov.

The Nuclear Safety and Experiment Analysis (NSEA) Group within the Research Reactors Division (RRD), Neutron Sciences
Directorate (NScD), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), seeks applications for an applied Research and Development
(R&D) Experiment Safety Engineer. This person will perform a diverse set of activities related to the coordination of in-vessel
and gamma irradiations at the HFIR.

Major Duties/Responsibilities
* Work closely with experimenters to understand their irradiation needs and guide them in the process of preparing for and
carrying out irradiation experiments. This include providing feasibility evaluations of prospective in-vessel and gamma
irradiation experiments with the responsibility and authority to guide experimenters to compliance with HFIR safety
* Provide final review and documentation addressing nuclear and experiment safety or programmatic concerns with
particular experiments, including evaluation through the Unreviewed Safety Question (USQ) process; ultimately providing
final authorization for insertion of experiments into the reactor.
* Provide experiment design, engineering and fabrication consultation for isotope production program efforts.
* Interact frequently with scientists and engineers of various disciplines both inside and outside ORNL

* Participate in a multitude of radioactive materials shipping activities, including evaluations of activity levels, isotopic content,
adherence to cask limits, review of shipping authorization documents, and coordinating cask loading and unloading

* Work with experiment coordination, systems engineering, and nuclear safety staff to evaluate the existing facilities'
performance, and develop corrective maintenance solutions for operability issues as well as conceptualize new facilities or
improvements to existing facilities that meet experimenter needs.
* Participate in HFIR experiment facility health monitoring activities and reporting.
This position is a Workplace Substance Abuse Program (WSAP) testing designated position which requires passing a
pre-placement drug test and participation in an ongoing random drug testing program in which employees are subject to
being randomly selected for testing and undergoing testing without advance notification. The occupant of this position will
also be subject to an ongoing requirement to report any drug related arrest or conviction or receipt of a positive drug test
result to the Company.

This position also requires Radiation Worker II training.

May provide work direction/guidance to technicians and craft personnel.

Qualifications Required:
* B.S. degree in from an accredited university in mechanical, nuclear, or aerospace or similar engineering discipline.
* minimum of 1 year of relevant experience (including internships, co-op sessions) in a nuclear environment such as a
nuclear power plant, research reactor or other nuclear facility.
* Possess a fundamental understanding of nuclear processes for isotope production.
* Possess problem-solving skills and the ability to apply those skills to a variety of problems.
* Be organized, detail-oriented and sensitized to a nuclear safety culture.
* Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills and enjoy working in a team environment, with collaboration at
all levels, disciplines, and diverse cultural backgrounds both inside and outside the organization. Must be customer-oriented,
with a positive, forward-thinking attitude.
* This position requires the ability to obtain and maintain a DOE "Q" clearance.

Qualifications Desired:
* M.S. degree in from an accredited university in mechanical, nuclear, or aerospace or similar engineering discipline.
* Experience with experiments at a research reactor.

Work Directions and Interfaces
Reports to the Experiment Analysis and Coordination Team Lead. Interacts with personnel at all levels within ORNL.

Measures of Effectiveness
* Successfully interacts with experimenters, fostering good relationships, providing helpful advice and guiding them to
provide well-organized and complete irradiation experiments in a timely manner.
* Successfully provides assistance for shipping activities.
* Maintains a positive, proactive, helpful attitude.
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