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Brookhaven National Laboratory is a multipurpose research institution funded primarily by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science. Located on the center of Long Island, New York, Brookhaven Lab brings world-class facilities and expertise to the most exciting and important questions in basic and applied science-from the birth of our universe to the sustainable energy technology of tomorrow. We operate cutting-edge large-scale facilities for studies in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, applied science, and a wide range of advanced technologies. The Laboratory's almost 3,000 scientists, engineers, and support staff are joined each year by more than 4,000 visiting researchers from around the world. Our award-winning history, including seven Nobel Prizes, stretches back to 1947, and we continue to unravel mysteries from the nanoscale to the cosmic scale, and everything in between.

Organizational Overview

The Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) on Molten Salts in an Extreme Environment (MSEE) was recently funded at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). Liquid molten salts (MS) are found as solvents of the fuel constituents and/or coolants in nuclear reactor technology.  Due to their nature as ionic fluids, MS have structural and dynamical correlations distinct from those of uncharged molecular or atomic liquids.  The scientific mission of MSEE is to provide fundamental atomic-level understanding of bulk and interfacial molten salts.  The Center will measure and predict the local and intermediate-range interactions, the structures and dynamics of molten salts in the bulk and at interfaces.  Specifically, the Center will develop and use in situ synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy, scattering and imaging techniques to understand interfacial and corrosion processes in MSEE.  X-ray measurements will be integrated with modeling approaches (i) to provide fundamental new information on surface ordering and dynamics of MS and (ii) to understand and predict non-equilibrium, metastable states formed during the reactions at interfaces.

Job ID # 1419 - Post-Doctoral Research Associate - Materials Characterization

The Nuclear Science and Technology Department has an opening for a Materials Characterization Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Materials in a Radiation Environment Program Office. The successful candidate will participate in collaborative research across synchrotron beamlines to characterize the MS/solid material interface.  The position entails all aspects of experimental design for MS from sample handling, hardware design, data collection and data analysis and interpretation. The primary responsibilities are to design environment chambers, develop experimental protocols for MS at the synchrotron and for electron microscopy, and to perform measurements on MS systems.  Other responsibilities include collaborating with beamline staff and computational scientists to perform advanced, integrative data analysis.

The position requires a Ph.D. degree in chemistry, physics, materials science or a related field.  Experience with operation of scientific instrumentation for materials characterization, experimental or hardware design, and familiarity with some of these techniques (synchrotron X-ray diffraction, reflectivity, spectroscopy or imaging) is required.  Ability to work in a team environment and self-motivated and excellent verbal and written communication skills are also required.  Responsibilities include: design, develop, fabricate and commission hardware for electromechanical experiments and in situ electrochemical synchrotron and microscopy experiments, perform synchrotron experiments (x-ray diffraction, reflectivity and spectroscopy) on molten salt systems with and without actinides, participate in translating the experimental results into new scientific knowledge through the use advanced data analysis techniques, work on manuscript preparation, and develop and maintain safe practices and working conditions. Other abilities should include: knowledge and/or publication record in electrochemistry, experience in advanced data analysis software and techniques, experience in hardware design for electrochemical experiments, and experience in handling radioactive material.

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