[Neutron] Postdoctoral Research Associate in neutron instrumentation / sample environment

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Dear Colleagues,

Please see below for multiple openings of postdoc positions at China Spallation Neutron Source.



Postdoctoral Research Associate in neutron instrumentation / sample environment



China Spallation Neutron Source, the Institute of High Energy Physics with Chinese Academy of Sciences


Description of Institution

The China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) is the first spallation neutron source facility in developing countries. As one of the largest science and technology infrastructure projects in China, CSNS is expected to have positive effects in promoting science, high-tech development and national security. CSNS is located in Dongguan City, roughly 100km north of Hong Kong. It provides a powerful research platform for fundamental research and high-tech development in many fields, such as materials science and technology, physics, life sciences, chemistry, resources and environment, new energy, etc. CSNS completed its CD4 in August 2018 and has entered its operation phase. Currently CSNS operates 3 neutron instruments including a powder diffractometer, a SANS and a polarized neutron reflectometer, with another 17 instruments in planning.


Job description

The sample environment group and the polarized neutron group has MULTIPLE openings for Post-doctoral Research Associate positions. The successful candidate will contribute to either or both group in instrumentation development. The successful candidate is also encouraged to carry out his own scientific studies or instrument development. Candidates with one or more of the following experiences are highly desired


1. Polarized 3He development and deployment

2. Polarized neutron instrumentation

3. Neutron instrumentation

4. Sample environment development

5. Dynamic nuclear polarization

6. Any instrumentation work within large field of experimental physics



The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. degree in Physics, Material Sciences, Engineering or related fields. Priority will be given to candidates with experiences in

using Labview software, strong hands-on ability and good English communication and writing skills.


What we can offer

The successful candidate will receive compensation of roughly Ұ250k Chinese Yuan per year (pretax), with insurance, provided housing and other benefits. Upon completion of 2-year postdoc, the successful candidate can compete for a permanent staff position within the Institute of High Energy Physics (CSNS). The successful candidate will also have the chance to work or lead newly planned neutron instruments.


How to Apply

The positions will be filled on a continual basis and will remain open until all are filled. Interested candidates should email their application letters along with their CV to Dr. Xin (Tony) Tong, tongx at ihep.ac.cn.
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