[Neutron] Obituary for Marie-Sousai Appavou

Pasini, Stefano s.pasini at fz-juelich.de
Thu Sep 21 12:02:10 CEST 2023


On 13 September our much-loved and highly respected long-standing colleague

Dr. Marie-Sousai Appavou

passed away suddenly at the age of 46.

Marie-Sousai was first employed at Forschungszentrum Jülich in 2007. After finishing his studies at Cergy Paris University and completing his PhD at the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin in France, Marie-Sousai moved to Germany in 2006 to take up a postdoc position at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).  Here he worked on the construction of a high-pressure cell for neutron scattering and conducted research on protein dynamics as a function of temperature and pressure.

Afterwards, he continued his career at the newly established outstation of the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) at the FRM II research reactor in Garching in 2007. At JCNS, Marie-Sousai furthered his research on the structure and dynamics of proteins and biomolecules using neutron scattering. In addition, he tirelessly supported users and students at the JCNS small-angle facilities at the MLZ with his outstanding expertise. At the same time, he established a completely new transmission electron microscopy laboratory for soft matter at the institute, which he led successfully by initiating numerous collaborations with institutes and universities not only in Germany, but all over Europe and in the USA.

His friends and colleagues in the scientific community are deeply saddened by the loss of Marie-Sousai. He will always be remembered as an excellent scientist and an exceptionally dedicated and compassionate person. With his extensive expertise in the field and an abundance of patience, he played a pivotal role in ensuring the remarkable success of instrument operation and the dissemination of neutron scattering methodology. His warm and open-hearted nature made him approachable for scientific but also private discussions at all times. His passing leaves an irreplaceable void within our community.

Our thoughts go to his family and in particular to his wife and son. We wish them strength and fortitude at this sad and difficult time.

His colleagues and the staff of Forschungszentrum Jülich and Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum

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