[Neutron] Save the date: MLZ Conference 2024, Neutrons for Energy Storage, Schloss Fürstenried, München, June, 04th to 07th, 2024

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Fri Nov 3 08:00:01 CET 2023

*MLZ Conference 2024, Neutrons for Energy Storage
Schloss Fürstenried, München, June, 04th to 07th, 2024*
Dear colleagues and friends,
I have the great pleasure to announce the next MLZ Conference 2024 
Neutrons for Energy Storage to take place at Schloss Fürstenried 
(München) June, 04th-07th, 2024. Conference topics will include\cover 
various energy storage technologies, ranging from electrochemical 
(batteries, supercapacitors of different kinds) to chemical (fuel cells) 
energy storage solutions through catalytic applications. Objective of 
the meeting is to bring together neutron scattering professionals and 
researchers specializing in energy storage to discuss the common topics, 
to exchange, to define new directions and to declare new targets in 
energy research with neutrons.
Please save the date! Preliminary details about the meeting are 
accessible at

Both registration and abstract submission will start in December 2023. 
Our apologies if you have received multiple copies of this announcement. 
At the same time, please feel free to forward this information to 
colleagues and friends potentially interested to participate in the 
Looking forward to see you at Schloss Fürstenried in 2024.
On behalf of the organising committee,
Anatoliy Senyshyn
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