[Neutron] Sad notice

Kenji NAKAJIMA kenji.nakajima at j-parc.jp
Tue Aug 25 07:26:16 CEST 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I regret deeply that I am informing you? the news of Dr. Noboru Watanabe's death.
Emeritus Professor Noboru Watanabe, the first AONSA prize winner, 
passed away on 19 August. He worked on the pulsed neutron source from 
1970s at Tohoku University, and continuously at KENS, KEK. He 
established the base of the pulsed neutron experiment not only in Japan 
and also in the world.? After then he leaded the construction of the 
J-PARC/MLF. Owing to his effort the MLF completed successfully. His 
contribution to the pulsed neutron source is invaluable. We are deeply 
sorry to learn of his passing.

Y. Kiyanagi
President of JSNS

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