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Low Level Radio Frequency (RF) Engineer / NB50662777

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The LLRF Engineer will support operation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades of the LLRF systems that are utilized for the
acceleration and manipulation of charged-particle beams in the SNS accelerator complex and execution of the Proton Power
Upgrade, a project that will double the proton beam power capability of the facility.

Major Duties/Responsibilities:
* Evaluate and improve the design of the LLRF systems to support the Research Accelerator Division's mission to provide
high availability (>90%) neutrons for Neutron Science investigations.
* Develop new architectures and algorithms for upgrades of the LLRF systems used throughout the accelerator complex.
* Perform simulations of RF control systems in support of LLRF control system development.
* Develop and improve hardware description language (HDL) for systems utilizing field programmable gate arrays (FPGA).
* Develop control interfaces for custom hardware platforms utilizing LabView, C++, and EPICS software.
* Serve as a LLRF subject matter expert for the LLRF and Operations teams.
* Provide LLRF support for accelerator operations including occasional call-in and off-normal work hours.
* Perform failure analysis and study mean time to repair and mean time to failure data on LLRF systems to propose reliability
* Create and maintain documentation and procedures for LLRF equipment and ancillary systems.

Authority/Approval Levels:
Provides work direction to technicians, research mechanics, subcontractors, and vendors within guidelines established by the
Electrical and RF Systems Group Leader. Initiates procurement of materials and services.

Qualifications Required:
* B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering.
* Experience in the design of digital feedback control systems.
* Experience in FPGA code development using VHDL or Verilog.
* Demonstrated hands-on laboratory experience, especially with RF and microwave test equipment.
* Highly motivated, self-directed and able to work in a team environment.
* Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

Preferred Qualifications:
* M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering.
* Expertise in control system theory and techniques.
* Expertise in circuit design and printed circuit board layout.
* Expertise in computer programming using languages such as C++ and Labview.
* Experience with analog and RF simulation and modeling tools such as MATLAB, SPICE, and Microwave Office.

Work Direction and Interfaces:
* Reports to the LLRF Team Leader.
* Interfaces with Electrical and RF Systems Group members, NScD staff, professional peers from non-ORNL institutions,
ORNL business services, vendors and visitors.
* Represents group activities and interests within ORNL and at professional conferences, workshops, and collaboration

Measures of Effectiveness:
* Success in the fulfillment of all major duties and responsibilities.
* Success as measured by the ORNL Employee Performance Management process.
* Safe execution of all responsibilities in accordance with ORNL ES&H requirements.

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