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Fri Jun 1 11:45:00 CEST 2018

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce the school dedicated to *Diffraction on 
Energy Materials (DiffEngMat School)* to be held in Grenoble at the 
Institut Laue-Langevin *the 8 and 9 October 2018*. We invite you to 
visit our website https://indico.ill.fr/EnergyMaterialsfor more details.

The *DiffEngMat School* will be organized as a parallel event of the 
ILL-ESS User Meeting <http://www.neutrons4europe.com/>which will take 
place at the Congress Center WTC (Grenoble) *from 10 to 12 October 
2018*. The participation to the *DiffEngMat School *is conditioned to 
the participation in the ILL-ESS User Meeting 
<http://www.neutrons4europe.com/>. A *//**/Diffraction on Energy 
be organized as a parallel event of the ILL-ESS User Meeting 
<http://www.neutrons4europe.com/>. The participants can share their 
ideas in the field of Energy Materials in the framework of the proposed 


*Scientific scope of the school:*

This school aims to contribute to the training of scientists in the 
application of X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques to energy 
materials (battery, fuel cells, solar cells, thermoelectrics, etc.). The 
school consists of selected lectures together with intensive hands-on 
sessions using the advanced tools for diffraction data treatment 
implemented in the FullProf Suite (including FAULTS). The school will be 
especially dedicated to microstructural characterization and in-operando 
measurements data analysis.

The school's participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract 
an oral or poster presentation at the*//**/Diffraction on Energy 


The School consists of 2 days dedicated to acquire a general overview of 
the tools needed for an efficient use of the FullProf Suite (including 
FAULTS, Bond-Valence Energy Landscape calculations, etc.) at an 
intermediate level with a special focus in advanced capabilities for 
microstructural characterization.


The School is intended for the ILL-ESS user meeting 
<http://www.neutrons4europe.com/>PhD students, as well as for 
experienced scientists, having a good knowledge on diffraction 
techniques and crystallography, who wish to get a practical overview of 
the new important developments in data analysis done in the last years. 
Due to logistic requirements the maximum number of participants is limited.


Many thanks in advance for helping us in circulating this information.

Best regards,

Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal and Oscar Fabelo on behalf of the organizers


DiffEngMat - 2018

*/Diffraction on Energy Materials/**/School/*

8-9 October 2018

ILL Grenoble, France

Email: DiffEngMat at ill.eu <mailto:%20DiffEngMat at ill.eu>

URL: https://indico.ill.fr/EnergyMaterials

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