[Neutron] 53rd REIMEI International Workshop "New Excitations in Spintronics", Renvyle, Connemara (Ireland), from 10 to 13 February 2019

Marie-Hélène Lemée-Cailleau on behalf of Spintronics2019 spintronics2019 at ill.eu
Mon Dec 17 11:01:57 CET 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring your attention to the *53rd REIMEI International 
Workshop **"New Excitations in Spintronics"* that will take place in 
R*envyle, Connemara (Ireland)*, from *10 to 13 February 2019**.


*Scope**:*In order to design novel devices in spintronics, we need to 
extend our understanding of the dynamics and transport properties of 
nano-structured magnets. In particular, we would like to exploit 
couplings to exotic excitations (optical modes in cavities, hybrid 
magnon-polaron modes, magnon-phonon modes…) and understand their 
relations to spin-Seebeck effects and spin pumping. Such couplings can 
be studied both from the point of view of microscopic analysis of bulk 
materials or, directly in nano-scale devices, by delicate measurements 
such as spin-current injection and spin-Seebeck effects. The detailed 
analysis of the materials, in bulk form or as films can benefit from the 
complementarity of neutron and X-ray scattering. New theoretical 
advances are also needed to thoroughly interpret experimental results. 
The Reimei workshop "New excitations in Spintronics 2019" is designed to 
bring together an international group of specialists, experimentalists 
and theoreticians, to explore recent results in the field. To remain at 
the forefront of the field, we will discuss possible future 
international  collaborations involving  researchers in universities and 
laboratories interested in both fundamental issues and industrial 
applications, with particular attention to opportunities at neutron sources.

For more information on the workshop and to register, please visit our 


We are looking forward to your registration and to welcoming you in Ireland!
With best regards,

The organizing committee

Timothy Ziman (ILL/CNRS, Grenoble)
Marie-Hélène Lemée-Cailleau (ILL, Grenoble)
Michiyasu Mori (ASRC, JAEA, Tokai)
Sadamichi Maekawa (RIKEN, Saitama & KITS/UCAS, Beijing)
Michael Coey (School of Physics, Trinity College, Dublin)

Logo ILL <http://www.ill.eu/> 	
*New Excitations in Spintronics*
*53rd REIMEI International Workshop*
*10-13 February 2019, Renvyle, Ireland*
spintronics2019 at ill.eu - www.ill.eu/spintronics2019
Institut Max von Laue - Paul Langevin (ILL)
Grenoble, France

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